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The Last Campaign of the 118th NY

At the formation of the 118th NY Historical Org. back in 2008 the remaking of the Stars & Stripes Regimental Colors with battle honors were undertaken as documentation and photographs supported its re-make. However, the fate of the National Regimental Colors was not so lucky. No actual photos or historical documentation has ever been recorded by the 118th N.Y. itself, the state of N.Y. or in any personal diary entries to date. Both Regimental Colors were turned into the state of N.Y. in 1865 at the mustering out of the Regiment. These colors were not properly preserved or stored and thus turned to dust in their storage containers. Those original flags are now forever lost to history. 


Now, with your efforts & generosity and the generosity of others, the men who fought and died under those banners can be honorably remembered and those flags can fly again above her ranks with the same honor. I am certain that their eyes, in spirit, shine proudly upon our efforts to remember them and the sacrifices they endured under those banners. As the commanding officer of the 118th NY I am proud to spearhead this project to have our National Regimental Colors re-made & be able to post our guidons at the flanks of our Regiment once again. 


Please help us by making a donation so these flags can fly once more & our history can be preserved. 


Donations are being accepted.

All donations are payable to the ‘118th NY’.

Mailable to:  118th NY c/o Pete Gilbert

                      10 Lakeview Avenue, 

                      Tupper Lake, NY 



Yours in Service, 

Capt. Pete Gilbert, Commanding 

118th N.Y. VOL. INF. 

The Adirondack Regiment

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