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Unit Mission:

We are a living history re-enacting unit located in Northern NY. This unit is one of the largest in Northern New York and includes a large Civilian Corps. We welcome your comments and inquiries about this site & about our unit as a whole.

    To learn further about our group, please refer to our unit’s By-laws or send us an e-mail with your questions. If you are interested in becoming a member of this unique unit, please refer to our “New Recruit” section, located on this page. The unit primarily reviews applicants from the Northern N.Y. and Ontario region, but can refer you to numerous other units. We work closely with other living history groups and museums in this region as well as Ontario, Canada. If you are interested in having our unit do an educational program for you or your organization, club or school, please refer to our Educational Opportunity section for further information on this topic. Our annual host event takes place at Almanzo Wilder Farm in Burke NY on the last weekend of September. This includes an educational day on the Friday for students. 

The types of Reenactments that we participate in are combat demonstrations, battle reenactments, immersion events, tactical private events and living history. For a detailed description of these types of events please visit this site. It also has a lot of helpful information about the hobby. (Thanks Noah!)

Our Mission:

The 118th N.Y. Vol. Inf. Co. F is a safety minded and authentic, historical, not-for-profit organization with the goal to portray and educate the public on the lifestyle of the soldiers and civilians during the period in American History known as the “War of the Rebellion” or the “Civil War”. The unit endeavors to accomplish this purpose through an accurate portrayal and impression primarily through the view of typical soldiers and their families. The unit does not condone or endorse emphatically any policy or practice of hatred, racism or bigotry.

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