Captain Henry S Graves
Captain William H. Bailey
Private Clodemar Normand
Lieutenant Henry M. Mould
Corporal George Kimball Wilkins
Capt. Edward Riggs
Chaplain Charles Luther Hagar
1st Lieutenant John S. Boynton

118th N.Y. Vol. Inf. Co. F 2nd Regiment Federal Rifles, 4th Co.

Civil War Historical Re-enacting Unit

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Corporal George Kimball Wilkins

When he was 21 years old, George Kimball Wilkins enlisted in the 118th Infantry in Peru about three weeks before it left for Washington. George was the son of Sam Wilkins and Lucinda Annis and was born in Peru in 1842, and it was here that he enlisted. Company K into which he was mustered on August 19th, had eight corporals and he was selected to be the 4th corporal.