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May 24th - 26th, 2024

Overlook Park; Newcomb, NY

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ThursDAY 23rd

Overview and informational talk 

at the Newcomb School 

11:30 am - 12:00 pm 

Pre-K to Grade 6

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm 

Grades 7 to 12


10:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Guide boat exhibit at
Seeley Exhibit Hall

7:00 pm   

Open to public, community campfire, 

meet and greet, ancestral flag ceremony


9:00 am      

Camp opens to public; artillery firing

9:15 am      

Troops form for drill & inspection

9:30 am      

Infantry drill

10:00 am    

Children’s infantry drill,

guide boat exhibit at the Seeley Exhibit Hall

10:30 am    

Artillery demonstration & drill

11:00 am    

118th N. Y. informational talk at pavilion 

(Maj. Pete Gilbert & Historian Joan Burke)

12:00 pm    

Newcomb recruit talk at pavilion

(Surgeon Wayne Waite)

1:00 pm      

Memorial ceremony (roll call of the dead)

2:30 pm      

Veteran's flag folding ceremony

3:30 pm      

Bayonet drill

4:30 pm      

Mail Call (1st Sgt. Jeff Childs)

5:00 pm      

Camps and guide boat exhibit closed to public 

7:00 pm      

Camps open for guided candlelight walk (introduction at the Overlook Park entrance), artillery & infantry night fire. Camps closed at completion of candlelight walk


9:00 am      

Camps open to public; artillery fire

9:15 am      

Troops form for inspection & drill

10:00 am   

Guide boat exhibit at the Seeley Exhibit Hall

10:00 am   

Newcomb recruit talk at pavilion

(Surgeon Wayne Waite)

11:00 am   

Church services

12:30 pm     

Troops form for inspection

1:00 pm       

Fallen comrade memorial ceremony

(for Sgt. Steve Burgess)

2:00 pm       

Closing ceremonies

3:00 pm       

Camps closed to public

5:00 pm       

Guide boat exhibit closed for the day

Things of Interest to See: 

Things of Interest to See: Christian Commission display, spinning wheel display, quilting display, medical hospital display, candle making display, woman soldiers display, ladies in the Civil War, 118th N.Y. recruiting tent & information.

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